– Verification of your Microsoft office account is very important in order to keep the privacy of your personal details and your Microsoft account under control. Adding an email address and phone number to your Microsoft adds the layers of security.

So that your account would not be accessible without your prior confirmation. allows you to verify your account in order keep the data safe. Microsoft office account oversees the security of your PC and personal data in case of online work. To get the access to Microsoft office online, you need to have a Microsoft account.

By signing in to your Microsoft account you will be able to access the Microsoft Word, Microsoft PowerPoint, Microsoft Excel and OneDrive. OneDrive is used to store the data of Microsoft office online. help you to keep the privacy of your OneDrive or DropBox under control.

By visiting you can verify your email address and phone number. When you create a Microsoft account then you received a mail from the Microsoft Team with a verification link. You need to click on that verification link in order to verify your identity that it’s really you. Microsoft account gives you the provision of resetting your password or username in case you forget your username and password.

Steps to sign in or create a Microsoft account –

  • Check for the internet connectivity on your system or device, in order to access or
  • Open your commonly used web browser on your system.
  • The web browser may be Chrome, Internet Explorer or Mozilla Firefox and in case of Mac, there will be Safari also.
  • After opening the Web Browser, in the address bar type or
  • Press enter key from the keyboard or click the arrow sign in the address bar.
  • The URL or will redirect you to the other webpage.
  • If you already have a Microsoft account then enter your email id and password in the given field and then click Sign In or Log in.
  • In order to create a Microsoft account click Create a new account.
  • Type all the details along with your registered email id and password.
  • Click Create Account.

By performing the above procedure you will be able to create a new Microsoft account if do not have one. In case of any trouble or issue, you can contact us at and we will help you.

Verification steps to verify the Microsoft account –

  • When you create a new Microsoft account then you need to verify for the same.
  • Without verification of the Microsoft, there will be no security.
  • Microsoft Team sends you a mail with the verification link when you clicked Create Account.
  • In order to verify your Microsoft account, Open your mailbox and search for the mail which you received from the Microsoft Team.
  • Click on the given verification link.
  • This link will redirect you to the other webpage.
  • Follow the on-screen instruction to complete the verification process.
  • In case you want to verify the already created account then,
  • You need to sign in to your Microsoft account using your email id and password.
  • Select security and then click Update info.
  • Under update info, click Verify your security information.
  • You will now receive a verification code via mail or text.
  • Enter the security code in the required field and click Verify.
  • You are done.

Office Verify

The verification process allows Microsoft to keep safe your data from data theft or other identity threats.  The user can verify the Microsoft account whenever they want to check whether the data is safe or not. Microsoft Office setup can be downloaded and installed online, and also the verification of the Microsoft account can be done online.

Steps to Download and install the office –

  • Visit or and sign in to your Microsoft account.
  • Use your registered email id and password or create a new account.
  • Enter your 25 digit Office product key which came along with the product.
  • If you purchased a card then redeem the product key from the Office product key card.
  • Click Submit and then click Install to start the download.
  • Run the Office installation setup when the download is finished.
  • Accept the license and then follow the on-screen instructions to finish the installation process.
  • Now start using your Office applications to create documents, PPT and doing other stuff.

If the above step-by-step procedure won’t help you with the installation of the Microsoft Office application on your device. And facing issues after the installation, then you can contact Microsoft Office support or visit us at or for the installation of your Microsoft product or the Verification of the Microsoft account.